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Optimum Nutrition Recipe Library

Garlic Coconut MushroomsMushrooms don’t remain fresh for very long in the fridge, they tend to develop either a slimy or a wrinkled appearance. If you find yourself with a bunch of mushrooms to use quickly, whip up this easy breakfast. Note: I highly recommend serving this dish with vegan, low-carb seed bread (recipe further above)
Green Smoothie PacksFrozen, single-serve packs of green goodness ready to be blended with almond milk for an instant breakfast. While frozen avocados aren’t as delicious as fresh avocados, they’re great for blending into smoothies. Ideal for making use of an abundance of avocados without waste.
Green Veggie Breakfast BowlsThese bowls are the ideal way to pack your day with plenty of green nutrients and fiber. They feature nuts, seeds and oils to meet your healthy fat quota. If you’re having green veggies for dinner, chop a little extra and cook them up for breakfast tomorrow...killing two birds with one stone.
Homemade Vegetable StockHow much does it make? This recipe makes about 2 liters, but you can adjust this by adding more water and more ingredients. It’s definitely not an exact science, so don’t worry too much about it! How long does it take? It depends. You can simmer the stock for a couple of hours, or slow cook it for 8 hours. Again, it’s not an exact science.
Lemon And Carrot SoupA simple, bold-colored soup of carrots and zesty lemons, served with an herb, pine nut, lemon and olive oil topping
Lentil And Pumpkin Seed FrittersFiber-packed fritters using cooked lentils and pumpkin seeds. Perfect for packing away into a lunchbox and eating for breakfast on early-start work days.
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