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Optimum Nutrition Recipe Library

All recipes are high-fat, adequate protein, designed to minimize carbs to roughly 40% of overall calories in order to lower overall inflammation and prevent disease; with almost nothing processed, and no soy or gluten, and a dramatic reduction of sugar.  We recommend making the meals with organic ingredients whenever possible.  The recipes are designed to create an overall daily diet of 40% carbs, 30% fat, 30% protein with the precise ratio varied each meal.

Acai Fat BombsNo-bake “fat bombs” filled with nuts, seeds, coconut oil and freeze dried acai berry powder. Keep in the fridge and grab on your way out the door on a frantic morning.
Acai, Avocado And Strawberry Freezer SmoothiesAcai berries are famously rich in antioxidants. This recipe uses freeze-dried acai berry powder as that is the most readily available source of acai berries for most people. These “freezer smoothies” are great for sipping on the go on a hot Summer morning. You can pop it in your bag (in a spill-free bottle) and by the time you get to work it’s defrosted enough to be sipped with a metal straw.
Almond Butter PancakesEasy, low-carb, high-fat, vegan pancakes which can be whipped up and either frozen or refrigerated until needed. Great for packing away with a few berries and taking to work.
Almond, Hazelnut And Cocoa ButterA natural, sugar-free, homemade chocolate and nut spread. Swirl through coconut yogurt or spread onto nut and seed bread (recipe below). If you can’t find toasted, skinless nuts, simply toast them in a 350 degree Fahrenheit oven for about 15 minutes until golden, and cool.
Avocado And Quinoa Breakfast Bowls (Quinoa And Avocado)This recipe can be made quickly and easily during a quiet Sunday evening or whenever you’ve got spare time to prep a few breakfasts. It’s great for people who prefer savory dishes in the morning, or like to wait unil the late morning before eating their first meal.
Avocado Hummus (Breakfast Side)A super simple, no-cook recipe to keep stored in the fridge to serve as a side to any savory breakfast recipe for extra fat and fiber. Great as a spread for low-carb crepes or with vegan scrambled eggs.
Black Bean Bunless BurgersBlack bean patties, stacked with avocado, cucumber, tomato and drizzled with oil. One bowl and one tray required.
Black Bean, Corn And Avocado SoupFilling, spicy and Mexican-inspired. Beans and avocado are wonderful sources of fiber. Use fresh beans and corn where you can, but you can absolutely use canned goods too.
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