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Lifestyle Blueprint

  • Self-respect is required foundation for a healthy and coherent life.  It is also the inception point to falling madly in love with the world. The way we treat ourselves is exactly the same way we will treat everything and everyone in our lives. It is our moral responsibility to learn to thrive because when the people thrive, the planet will thrive with us.  
  • Self-respect starts with healthy core routines, because trust in yourself starts with doing small things with great consistency.  The private victories must happen before any public victories can happen since we can never truly trust others until we trust ourselves.
  • Emotional stability and coherency come from correct nutrition and consistent optimum living habits resulting in reduced inflammation and consistent blood sugar levels. It is entirely unreasonable to expect to feel good while eating junk food, going to bed at 3 am, not getting sufficient exercise and abusing your body with toxic poisons like alcohol. You can, however, create healthy routines, and you can climb your way out of the hell that is the "average" life.
  • Disease is always either caused by or aggravated by excessive inflammation.  Reducing inflammation is the key to health. Gut health, reduction in toxin intake, consistent and stable blood sugar levels, proper nutrition, regular intermittent fasting, and consistent sleep are the keys to reducing inflammation.
  • When you remove the inflammation, you allow your body to bring itself back into balance. Take care of the simple in order to allow nature to take care of the complicated and the complex.
  • The elephant in every room is trauma.  The fundamental intent of this work is the emergence of a stunningly beautiful and thriving culture without the distress of trauma, which is a completely natural response of the human animal to extreme stress, and which can only be healed through the body (somatics), combined with coherent nutrition (food as medicine), in deep relationship with nature (deep ecology and eco-psychology), intervowen within a strong and vibrant social fabric (intentional community). 
  • Intentionally chosen story of relationship and natural balance: a thriving culture requires that we be clear that our perceptional reality is the sum of our stories, and we must ground those stories in relationship with nature and community, reclaiming our lives, healing ourselves, healing our world, and using the tools of emotional discipline (self-regulation) as an internalized resource for continuous emotional healing and resiliency. Since the physical imprint of depression is inflammation caused by trauma, the systemic reduction of inflammation enables the natural balance of the human body to integrate and thus heal.   There are no broken or evil people, only systemically unmet basic needs. Radical embodied presence, in deep relationship with all life is our answer.
  • Keep it SIMPLE and always focus on the root cause.  Numbing symptoms without treating root causes, which is what our entire allopathic mainstream medical system is designed to do, creates much larger problems by allowing the root causes to continue to deteriorate. Everything is interconnected, health is the natural balance of life, and nature always seeks to restore balance, and our bodies always seek a state of homeostasis.  By consistently simplifying our lives and our nutritional intake, we avoid paralysis by analysis and are able to prioritize and execute actions that restore health.   Simplicity enables complexity. 

  • Five simple core habit routines of thriving and resilient human beings:
    1) Daily nature connection & ecologically-coherent decision making
    2) Discipline of gratitude, mindfulness, and intentional life design 
    3) Correct plant-based nutrition: low-carb, adequate fat+protein, with regular fasting
    4) Consistent sleep pattern and avoidance of toxins, including alcohol and drugs. 
    5) Vibrant social fabric supporting positive life choices, woven with effective communication
Let’s Start with the Lymph

  • Five simple core nutrition principles for minimum inflammation and optimum health:
    1) Drink abundant water: replace sugary drinks and juices with water and tea.
    2) Eat clean: choose very simple plant-based whole foods, making sure to replace undesirable ingredients with yummier choices, prioritizing organic when possible. Replace and thus eliminate meat, fish, dairy, gluten, soy, processed foods, fried foods, and alcohol. If an ingredient once pooped, came from a lab, or was grown with pesticides, it does not belong in your meal.
    3) Eat consistent: choose the same simple plant-based foods each week, optimize digestion with daily probiotics, enzymes, ginger, and turmeric, supplementing food with food in capsule form to ensure consistent intake.
    4) Eat correct ratios: when choosing ingredients for any meal, always prioritize healthy fats (ie avocados, coconut, olive) and proteins (ie lentils, beans, nuts, and seeds), minimize carbohydrates, and limit fruit intake.
    5) Eat nothing, regularly: abstain from food for consistent time periods.
What Really Happens When You Eat Fat