Optimum Nutrition Recipe Library

Almond Butter PancakesEasy, low-carb, high-fat, vegan pancakes which can be whipped up and either frozen or refrigerated until needed. Great for packing away with a few berries and taking to work.
Almond, Hazelnut And Cocoa ButterA natural, sugar-free, homemade chocolate and nut spread. Swirl through coconut yogurt or spread onto nut and seed bread (recipe below). If you can’t find toasted, skinless nuts, simply toast them in a 350 degree Fahrenheit oven for about 15 minutes until golden, and cool.
Avocado And Quinoa Breakfast Bowls (Quinoa And Avocado)This recipe can be made quickly and easily during a quiet Sunday evening or whenever you’ve got spare time to prep a few breakfasts. It’s great for people who prefer savory dishes in the morning, or like to wait unil the late morning before eating their first meal.
Avocado Hummus (Breakfast Side)A super simple, no-cook recipe to keep stored in the fridge to serve as a side to any savory breakfast recipe for extra fat and fiber. Great as a spread for low-carb crepes or with vegan scrambled eggs.
Black Bean, Corn And Avocado SoupFilling, spicy and Mexican-inspired. Beans and avocado are wonderful sources of fiber. Use fresh beans and corn where you can, but you can absolutely use canned goods too.
Breakfast Cauliflower Rice BowlsThese bowls can be made the night before a busy morning. I like to make these bowls when I am using cauliflower for my dinner, as it’s easy to simply set some aside and toss it with veggies while I cook dinner.
Butternut Squash And Ginger SoupA classic, smooth, vibrant-colored butternut squash soup. The ginger adds an extra flavor dimension plus an immune-boosting hit.
Chia And Almond Overnight PuddingChia seeds are a wonderful source of fiber and fat. All you need to do is soak them in liquid overnight so they can hydrate and become soft. This recipe uses almond milk and slivered almonds.
Chickpea Pancakes With AvocadoIf you have a spare moment on a Sunday or weeknight, these chickpea pancakes are easy to whip up and store in the fridge for the week’s breakfasts. Serve with fresh avocado, salt and pepper.
Chilled Avocado SoupA cold avocado soup flavored with citrus and coriander/cilantro. Ideal for hot Summers
Chocolate And Blueberry Overnight OatsA chilled, filling breakfast for chocolate lovers (without the sugar or dairy products). Chia seeds provide a lot of fiber and fat, while blueberries are a great source of antioxidants.
Energy CoffeeWhen you don’t feel like eating breakfast, or it’s simply too early to stomach a meal, you can get your energy hit by sipping an “energy coffee”. This is really a vegan version of the popular keto drink, “bulletproof” coffee.
Green Smoothie PacksFrozen, single-serve packs of green goodness ready to be blended with almond milk for an instant breakfast. While frozen avocados aren’t as delicious as fresh avocados, they’re great for blending into smoothies. Ideal for making use of an abundance of avocados without waste.
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