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Optimum Nutrition Recipe Library

All recipes are high-fat, adequate protein, designed to minimize carbs to roughly 40% of overall calories in order to lower overall inflammation and prevent disease; with almost nothing processed, and no soy or gluten, and a dramatic reduction of sugar.  We recommend making the meals with organic ingredients whenever possible.  The recipes are designed to create an overall daily diet of 40% carbs, 30% fat, 30% protein with the precise ratio varied each meal.

Curried Kale And Apricot SlawA mixture of sweet and spicy, with a crunchy texture and an aromatic dressing. One small pan and one bowl required. No cooking required, except the toasting of spices.
Easy Parsnip SoupA simple soup of parsnips, garlic, onion and cauliflower. One pot required.
Energy CoffeeWhen you don’t feel like eating breakfast, or it’s simply too early to stomach a meal, you can get your energy hit by sipping an “energy coffee”. This is really a vegan version of the popular keto drink, “bulletproof” coffee.
Fig, And Zucchini Tray BakeFresh figs, soft-roasted zucchinis and walnuts mingle to create a unique tray bake. Tossed with fresh leafy greens at the end, to create a warm salad. One tray required.
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