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All recipes are high-fat, adequate protein, designed to minimize carbs to roughly 40% of overall calories in order to lower overall inflammation and prevent disease; with almost nothing processed, and no soy or gluten, and a dramatic reduction of sugar.  We recommend making the meals with organic ingredients whenever possible.  The recipes are designed to create an overall daily diet of 40% carbs, 30% fat, 30% protein with the precise ratio varied each meal.

Curried Kale And Apricot SlawA mixture of sweet and spicy, with a crunchy texture and an aromatic dressing. One small pan and one bowl required. No cooking required, except the toasting of spices.
Easy Parsnip SoupA simple soup of parsnips, garlic, onion and cauliflower. One pot required.
Energy CoffeeWhen you don’t feel like eating breakfast, or it’s simply too early to stomach a meal, you can get your energy hit by sipping an “energy coffee”. This is really a vegan version of the popular keto drink, “bulletproof” coffee.
Fig, And Zucchini Tray BakeFresh figs, soft-roasted zucchinis and walnuts mingle to create a unique tray bake. Tossed with fresh leafy greens at the end, to create a warm salad. One tray required.
Fresh Orange And Greens SaladA zesty salad of fresh oranges, greens, seeds and a light dressing. Ideal for a fast, fresh Summer lunch or light dinner. No cooking required. One bowl required.
Garlic Coconut MushroomsMushrooms don’t remain fresh for very long in the fridge, they tend to develop either a slimy or a wrinkled appearance. If you find yourself with a bunch of mushrooms to use quickly, whip up this easy breakfast. Note: I highly recommend serving this dish with vegan, low-carb seed bread (recipe further above)
Green Smoothie PacksFrozen, single-serve packs of green goodness ready to be blended with almond milk for an instant breakfast. While frozen avocados aren’t as delicious as fresh avocados, they’re great for blending into smoothies. Ideal for making use of an abundance of avocados without waste.
Green Veggie Breakfast BowlsThese bowls are the ideal way to pack your day with plenty of green nutrients and fiber. They feature nuts, seeds and oils to meet your healthy fat quota. If you’re having green veggies for dinner, chop a little extra and cook them up for breakfast tomorrow...killing two birds with one stone.
Homemade Vegetable StockHow much does it make? This recipe makes about 2 liters, but you can adjust this by adding more water and more ingredients. It’s definitely not an exact science, so don’t worry too much about it! How long does it take? It depends. You can simmer the stock for a couple of hours, or slow cook it for 8 hours. Again, it’s not an exact science.
Lemon And Carrot SoupA simple, bold-colored soup of carrots and zesty lemons, served with an herb, pine nut, lemon and olive oil topping
Lentil And Pumpkin Seed FrittersFiber-packed fritters using cooked lentils and pumpkin seeds. Perfect for packing away into a lunchbox and eating for breakfast on early-start work days.
Low-Carb Coconut, Flaxseed And Chia Seed Porridge MixPorridge made with coconut and seeds. A fantastic source of fiber and fat. This recipe makes a dry mix which can be stored in an airtight container. To make the porridge, simply mix with water or almond milk and cook in the microwave or on the stove.
Low-Carb Nacho BowlsA mixture of beans, tomato, fresh veggies, avocado, cilantro and coconut yogurt. Nachos without the meat or chips. One pan needed.
Low-Carb Toasted Breakfast CerealA vegan, low-carb version of a classic breakfast cereal designed to be tossed into a bowl with plant milk, and eaten quickly and easily. Keep in the cupboard at home or at work so you’ve always got a simple breakfast to grab.
Low-Carb, Vegan Crackers With Avocado HummusA low-carb, vegan cracker recipe for people who can’t, or prefer not to eat a big meal in the morning but need something in their stomach. Avocado hummus can be made in advance and stored in the fridge all week to be eaten as a light breakfast accompaniment and as a snack.
Macadamia And Pistachio Granola BarsA grab-and-go breakfast snack for people who just need a little nibble in the morning, enough to power them through until morning tea or lunch.
Mixed Veggie Breakfast SauteA savory breakfast to make the night before, pack away and take to work the next morning. Heat up in the microwave and eat. Great for using up vegetables while they’re fresh.
Morning Hot Mocha MixA hot, spicy, chocolate drink to warm you up on cold mornings when it’s too early to eat a proper meal. This recipe makes a bulk lot of dry hot mocha mix.
Mushroom SaladA refreshing, light salad with sauteed mushrooms, fresh lettuce, herbs and red onion
Mushroom StewA Rich Stew Of Mushrooms, Sweet Potato, Garlic And Onions. A Vegan, Low-Carb Version Of A Traditional Beef Stew. One Pot Required.
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