Front Sight Focus: Ten Phrases US Navy SEALs Use to Ensure Mission Success
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Front Sight Focus: Ten Phrases US Navy SEALs Use to Ensure Mission Success

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Front Sight Focus is a concept and mindset that is used by U.S. Navy SEALs to plan and achieve success on and off of the battlefield as it reveals ten phrases that lead to efficiency at all levels of learning, training and productivity! By using an easy to implement, common sense approach, the author presents the tools for establishing a FRONT SIGHT FOCUS mindset that shows you a plan of progression that will lead you to establish a system for attaining YOUR ultimate success in YOUR life’s true passions. The 10 phrases are broken down so that anyone, from teenagers to grandparents, can understand and implement this template for success that can lead to greatness in all endeavors such as sports, education, family and business! The author combines his military experiences from Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL training (BUD/S) and his time on the ground as a warrior in the combat environment in order to bring to light how the Battlefield and Life can present you with similar scenarios and how to effectively conquer your task! Each chapter focuses on one of the Ten Phrases that are commonly used within the Seal Teams, collectively building upon each as your progress through the book such as “Crawl, Walk, Run,” and “Plan your Dive and Dive your Plan.” FRONT SIGHT FOCUS will help you begin to navigate along your life’s path, with tips and techniques for dealing with anxiety and stress, organization, early identification of obstacles and thus mitigating them. This is done by establishing your own personal P.A.C.E. plan. The concepts in this book have been broken down and illustrated by the author, so that no matter your age, gender or starting point they may be applied to YOUR everyday life of Relationships, Family, Education and of course your personal or professional endeavors. FRONT SIGHT FOCUS will motivate and propel you forward in identifying your goals, organizing your plan of attack to achieve those goals, while building your self confidence. Thus you will be empowered with a development of mental toughness that will allow and lead to your own personal mission successes! Front Sight Focus!

David Havens

David Havens is a Husband, Father and the author of FRONT SIGHT FOCUS: Ten Phrases U.S. Navy SEALs use to ensure mission success. David is a decorated retired U.S. Navy SEAL and currently provides consulting and training development to various units throughout the military.