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Health Research

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What Our Students Say

"The experience allowed me to examine my current life, to see what may be achievable going forward. It takes a few days to really ask yourself what it means and what changes are necessary to gain more balance. The subliminal information is taking shape and my life is more relaxed and stable in spite of current chaos. There is certainly a peace that wasn't there before, and it may not be evident for a few days to some people (like me:), but I can assure you it's there and it has an impact. I have more personal power than I thought possible."

Jim Morrison

I’m working hard on minimizing the amount of stuff I carry around with me – in the mental realm and in the physical realm. I’ve carved out some ‘fix-it’ time to do maintenance of things at home – it’s been one of my most difficult things to do.”

Laura Wesbrook

“The personal development information and exercises were a big, fun plus.”

Jenny Jones