Coherent Daily Routines to Significantly Improve the Quality of Your Life.

Camp with good people in a beautiful natural setting, while learning to make sustainable changes to your habit routines, made simple with the help of cutting-edge research in habit-hacking psychology and optimum performance living.   

Nature connection is scientifically proven to dramatically improve happiness, life satisfaction and emotional health. Integrate coherent nature connection routines into your life.


Understanding our psychological wiring is essential to easily being able to replace old patterns and create new optimum living routines that put you on an upward path.


The quality of your communication is the quality of your life.  Learn communication skills rooted in the latest science.  Break out of fight or flight mode, and create real connection.


Our participants come to learn to live a healthier, saner and coherent life.  Top-notch group facilitation enables connection and friendships that last far beyond the course.


Learn to thrive with abundant healthy fats and proteins, while minimizing carbs and sugars. Nothing processed, no soy or gluten, just well-balanced easy-to-cook, healthy, yummy food. 


We love getting people outdoors and believe that camping should be comfortable.  We will teach you the basics you need to thrive outdoors.  Let this be your first camping trip!

Thriving in life is about knowing how to live well, and living well should not be complicated.

Take care of the simple and enable natural balance to take care of the complicated and the complex.  

This experiential program teaches how to create healthy habits through scientifically-backed routines of nature connection, mindfulness, sleep, plant-based properly balanced fat+protein low-carb nutrition, intermittent fasting, and much more.  It's not just about learning what is right for you, but also knowing how to make those good things a daily routine sustainably.

People come to improve their lives, which always makes for a self-selected group of incredibly fascinating human beings.  Top-notch facilitation enables social connection and friendships that last far beyond the course. Our overall philosophy is to take care of the simple and thus enable the natural balance to take care of the complicated and the complex.  

We are nature, and nature always seeks balance and homeostasis.  When we address the simple imbalances, we often enable the natural balance of life to resolve the complex and the complicated.

What You Will Learn During This Program:

  • Why good habit psychology is critical to making lasting changes in our lives.  
    Our brains evolved to process information and to take action in specific ways, and we can use those evolutionary behavior patterns to make truly sustainable changes.  We've all at some point failed at making some changes we wanted in our lives, and now science both explains why we previously failed and how to make lasting and sustainable changes with great consistency.
  • How simple breathing hacks enable you to get out of the fight-or-flight mode that arises when faced with disagreements and conflicts with people in our lives.  
    Routinely taught to military snipers and first responders, you can use these same skills to improve how you communicate and consistently create meaningful connection and understanding through empathy.
  • How to cook delicious nutritionally-balanced high-fat, high-protein, low-carb plant-based meals. 
    Nothing processed, no soy, no gluten, just real whole foods like avocados, lentils, beans, quinoa, salads and more.  Learn to eat the right balance of plants and feel fantastic, while significantly reducing your ecological footprint.
  • Why changing the balance of protein and fat to carbs is the shortest and simplest path to optimum health. 
    Whether you're seeking to eliminate brain fog, lose weight, get rid of acne, or manage a complex disease, there is a growing consensus that making changes to one's diet can have profound and cascading consequences to all aspects of our lives.  We advocate for a holistic approach rooted in listening to your body's needs above all else and then prioritizing foods that are high in healthy fats and proteins, thus avoiding unnecessary carbs and sugars.
  • How to properly supplement food with food.  
    That's not a typo.  For optimum living performance, we advocate supplementing a healthy balanced diet with superfood plants that are nutrient-rich and considered to be especially beneficial due to their unique impacts on health, well-being, and specific bodily functions such as digestion.  We're big fans of doing adequate-protein and fat smoothies for breakfast, which also make it super easy to meet your specific nutritional goals.
  • How intermittent fasting can easily help you reach your health and fitness goals.  
    You will spend the second day of the program in nature, in relative solitude, and in an optional day-long fast.  You will experientially understand how integrating intermittent fasting into your routine radically upgrades the way you feel.  Our participants have remarked that the way we teach intermittent fasting makes it easy by eliminating food cravings.
  • How to optimize your sleeping environment to consistently get a good night's sleep. 
    We know that sleep is essential to our health, yet too many of us struggle to get enough good sleep because of fundamental issues with how we've set up our living environment.  We teach rapid, inexpensive, simple hacks you can immediately implement after the retreat.
  • How small changes to your home can yield huge rewards in how you feel and function.  
    Removing common toxins from our environment and replacing the products we use on a daily basis is a no-brainer and of course, we teach you how to do that;  but we also look at how to mitigate the less obvious - the molds, toxic paints and materials commonly used in construction.  Better air quality in your home can be quite simple, yet the impact quite profound.
  • Understand how mindfully spending time in nature positively affects your psychological well-being. 
    Human beings evolved with nature, and we are nature, and there is now a vast body of evidence that suggests that our disconnect from nature causes profound emotional harm.  While the fix can be unbelievably simple, making nature-connection and mindful living a consistent core routine in our lives requires a bit more thoughtful planning, made easier by understanding the psychology involved.
  • If you haven't camped extensively, we've designed this retreat to help you learn the fundamental skills to thrive outdoors.  
    We adore helping people fall in love with the outdoors and know that it's all about the skills that enable you to stay comfortable. Individuals who feel comfortable outdoors, spend more time outdoors - and that's what we want to see happen.



"The experience allowed me to examine my current life, to see what may be achievable going forward. It takes a few days to really ask yourself what it means and what changes are necessary to gain more balance. The subliminal information is taking shape and my life is more relaxed and stable in spite of current chaos. There is certainly a peace that wasn't there before, and it may not be evident for a few days to some people (like me:), but I can assure you it's there and it has an impact.  At first, most of the information was repetition due to the extent that I have been immersed in personal growth very heavily for the last two years. It wasn't until I returned home that I realized significant changes are happening now. I have more personal power than I thought possible."  (Jim Morrison)

This Program is Built Around Five Core Patterns of Healthy, Thriving, Resilient Human Beings:

Why We Built This Program, Why This Work Matters, and How Do You Eat an Elephant?
Self-respect is the inception point for falling madly in love with the world.  How we treat ourselves is how we treat the Earth and everything around us, and self-respect starts first with healthy core life routines, which you get to create, and the routines are your power as a human being.  

When we truly take care of the simple, we allow the natural balance to take care of the complicated and the complex.  When the people thrive, the land will thrive, and this is how we heal the entire planet.   Oh, and for that question as to how do you eat an elephant?  The answer is one bite at a time.  Big things get accomplished in small achievable pieces.

This Conversation Format is Unlike Anything You Have Previously Experienced 
Our primary ground rule is that we do not desire nor seek agreement, but rather we hold a dialogue that is fundamentally respectful of a real diversity of opinions and perspectives.  We create deep psychological safety through the context of not needing, seeking or wanting an agreement.  We offer the ideas of the camp with an invitation to try them on, see if they fit, and if not - discard and only take away from the camp what truly works for you, your context and your life.  If this communication format is new to you, it is likely that you will discover tremendous freedom, profound power and incredible psychological safety in learning to listen and hear other people without judgment and without the need to seek agreement.  The lack of seeking agreement creates psychological safety within which you can play with new ways of being in the world.

Victims Suppress, While Warriors Reframe
This course is for people hungry for depth and substance in their lives, feeling ready to part with all stories of victimhood, seeking to step into their beautiful, amazing, powerful lives.  Separating fault from responsibility is one of the critical keys to holistic health.  What happened to us might not be our fault, but it is still our responsibility and is the key to our inherent birthright of individual autonomy and real power.  You got only one beautiful life to live and the time is now.

Program Structure and Format
This camping retreat is a series of conversations woven together with self-reflective journaling time, allowing you to experience the mirror of nature as a tool for grounding, coherency, and balance.  There is no wizardry here; rather we suggest, from our own direct personal experience, that listening to the inherent wisdom of the natural world can create a profoundly rich context for finding solutions to the challenges we face today.  We invite you to develop regular core routines that allow you to reground and rebalance through routine nature time. Coherent core habits/routines create the foundation for psychological well-being and thus a healthy life. On the second day of the camp, we invite you to spend the day in solitude on the land in an optional but highly recommended day-long fast. The practice of going out on the land, fasting, and listening has been with human beings for many centuries, and many different traditions have existed and continue to exist in various cultures. Notably, modern science is also now firmly backing the health benefits of intermittent fasting, and we recommend you consider integrating into your life as a regular habit the core routines of intermittent fasting and time listening and being with the land. Upon your return from your solo time, we regroup over dinner to share our experiences and what we each have learned from the earth. The coherency of the lessons from the solitude time informs the experience of our next days together.

"If you are looking for another perspective, another angle, a shift in consciousness, a special connection with nature and other human beings, then you need to take part in this experience." (Reynaldo Reyes)

Meals, Location, and Lodging Accommodations 
All meals are 100% plant-based, mostly organic, and free of common allergens such as gluten, soy, and dairy.  We optimize our meals to maximize protein and healthy fat while cutting sugars/carbs.   As part of our experiential learning and community structure, participants assist with the preparation of the meals, and this becomes a significant social bonding time.  Please note that we are unable to accommodate any non-plant-based products on the course location. We host the camps in beautiful natural settings.  Although designed as a camping trip (think car camping; unless otherwise noted, long-distance hiking is not required to get to our base camp), we try to have the option for those who want to sleep indoors during the program to upgrade to on-site dormitory lodging.  We do ask that everyone stay on the site for the duration of the program and to provide the most cohesive group experience, we cannot accommodate commuters.  Please understand that due to the complex realities of running this program since we're working with the facts of nature, all logistics and details of the program are subject to change without notice.

Tremendous Value Included in Your Tuition Investment - Facilitated and structured programming.  The depth of conversation that results during these retreats is unlike anything you've ever experienced. - Organic, healthy, plant-based meals.  We're going to make sure you're well-fed and that you learn a lot about healthy nutrition along the way. - Tents and camping equipment.  You need only to bring your sleeping bag and sleeping pad. - All appropriate camping permits/fees - Yes, shower(s) are available at our sites! You are responsible for transportation to the program location.  On some programs, we may have dormitory lodging paid upgrades available, but we cannot guarantee availability.  We designed this program for people who have never camped before, and we will provide you with the information you will need to be comfortable.

Next Available Program Date and Location (CURRENTLY SOLD OUT): The location is a private retreat center in the Santa Cruz mountains.  Program size is limited to 18 participants, so please sign up early as we will certainly sell out very quickly. The nearest airport is San Jose.

Tuition Investment We seek to make this life-changing content available to as many people as possible, and we intentionally price the program accordingly.    Regular Registration:  $2997

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed - We Believe in What We Teach: We know this program will change your life, and we know that you're going to fall madly in love with our curriculum.  However if after completing the entire program, and consistently integrating all of the routines we teach into your life for at least one year, you still feel you haven't gotten sufficient value for your tuition investment, just let us know, and we'll refund your tuition.  If something comes up and you're unable to attend a program, we will happily give you a one-year voucher for a future program, as available.  We certainly want you to love the experience, and we believe in the coherency of our curriculum.

We Welcome All Who Come in a Good Way, With a Good Heart and a Good Mind.