Lose Weight, Have More Energy, End Brain Fog, Sleep Well, and Thrive.

Here are just some of the many things you will learn in this program:

Why good habit psychology is critical to making lasting changes in our lives.

How simple breathing hacks enable you to get out of the fight-or-flight mode that arises when faced with disagreements and conflicts with people in our lives.

How to cook delicious nutritionally-balanced vegan high-fat, high-protein, low-carb plant-based meals.

Why changing the balance of protein and fat to carbs is the shortest and simplest path to optimum health.

How to properly supplement food with food.

How intermittent fasting can easily help you reach your health and fitness goals.

How to optimize your sleeping environment to consistently get a good night's sleep.

How small changes to your home can yield huge rewards in how you feel and function.

Understand how mindfully spending time in nature positively affects your psychological well-being.

"I'm working hard on minimizing the amount of stuff I carry around with me - in the mental realm and in the physical realm. I've carved out some 'fix-it' time to do maintenance of things at home - it's been one of my most difficult things to do."

~Laura Westbrook

Build the Core Life Habits You Need to Thrive.



What will this comprehensive healthy living course teach me?

Module 1: Taking Ownership of Life:  Coherent Natural Living Principles

Module 2: Science of Success: Core Routines for Happiness and Achievement

Module 3: Optimize Your Life: The Habit Loop and Positive Habit Routines

Module 4: Food is Medicine: Nutrition for Low Inflammation and Optimum Health

Module 5: Intermittent Fasting for Optimum Wellbeing or Weight Loss

Module 6: Heal Your Mind: Nutrition, Emotional Fitness, and Mental Health

Module 7: Heal Your Stomach: Gut Health Ecology Foundations

Module 8: Plant-Based Supplementation for Low Inflammation and Optimum Health

Module 9: Cleanse Your Body: Detoxification Principles

Module 10: Heal Your Body: The Science of Exercise

Module 11: Optimize Your Day: Setting a Coherent Morning Routine

Module 12: Reclaim Your Sleep: Ending Chronic and Acute Insomnia

Module 13: Reclaim Your Peace: Hacking Stress and Ending Anxiety

Module 14: The Single Most Important Habit - Science of Gratitude

Module 15: Cleanse Your Home: Clean Natural Living Principles


"The personal development information and exercises were a big, fun plus."

~Jenny Jones


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What are the 6 foundational life principles of healthy people?

Self-respect is required foundation for a healthy and coherent life.

Emotional stability & coherency come from correct nutrition & consistent optimum living habits resulting in reduced inflammation & consistent blood sugar levels.

Disease is always either caused by or aggravated by excessive inflammation.

The elephant in every room is trauma.

Intentionally chosen story of relationship and natural balance.

Keep it simple and always focus on the root cause.

"If you are looking for another perspective, another angle, a shift in consciousness, a special connection with nature and other human beings, then you need to take part in this experience."

~Reynaldo Reyes

"The fasting was new to me. I learned a little more about myself."

~Mike Robinson


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To that, I say, why would I penalize the 99% of people in the world who are good people because a few rotten eggs?