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Core Routines of Deep Ecology for a Coherent Life, Grounded in the Science of Optimum Performance.
The camp is a fertile conversation about abundance, nature connection, and the very fundamental life truth deep within each of us.  Underneath all the dust and static noise of the stories you have accepted without questioning exists literally everything you need to create powerful, meaningful, beautiful lives.

The key to your power as a human being exists in unlearning the blatantly false stories about life that you have been handed by other people in your family, community, or country.  Your perceptional reality is simply those stories.  This is true for each and every human being.

When we learn to hear our own truth, to trust our own voices, and to create our own stories, we claim our inherent place on this planet and we begin to turn back toward life.  Now is time for each of us to take authorship of our individual life story and perceptional reality.  We are the keystone species on this planet.  When we thrive, the planet thrives with us, and we thus have a moral responsibility to learn to thrive.

Unlearning is far more powerful than learning, and everything you need to thrive is already within you.  Your body is the most ancient and advanced technology on this planet and you were born with the answers you seek.  Now is the time to learn to truly listen to your own inherent wisdom.  That is what this program is all about.

Before We Can Intentionally Move Forward, We Must Unlearn the Stories That Hold Us Back
Self-respect is the inception point to falling madly in love with the world.  Unlearning the false stories we carry is our path towards self-respect and to turning back towards life.  It’s not about learning something new, and we’re not here to give you a different story.  That’s not what this is about.  The only thing that matters is your own story and your own truth.  This program is simply a coherent healthy container for you to uncover your own truth with the help of the powerful mirror of nature and community like you’ve never before experienced it.  There is no dogma here, and we do not seek to agree, but rather to have a respectful conversation of unparalleled depth and power about our lives and what truly matters to each of us, and to allow that conversation to be held with the mirror of nature.

Our Evolutionary History Holds the Keys to Understanding the Present and Creating a Coherent Future
We co-evolved with our planet, within a linear and local world, where since the dawn of time our lives unfolded identically to those of our parents and grandparents, linearly and locally within a single day’s walk.  Yet we are now living in a world of exponential technology predicted by Moore’s Law.

Gordon Moore, the co-founder of Intel, noticed in 1965 that the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits had doubled every year since their invention.  Moore’s law predicts that this trend will continue into the foreseeable future – a prediction that has held true for over five decades now – where the speed of processing information for the same cost is doubling every year, thus placing our entire world on an insane exponential curve of progress that our brains simply cannot comprehend.  If you took thirty one-meter steps outside of your house, you will have gone thirty meters; however if you took thirty exponential steps, you will have gone 24 times around the planet, a billion meters away from where you started.  The commonly held projections of the future (yes, the doom and gloom ones) are based on local and linear assumptions – which are utterly wrong in the world of exponential human progress.

Furthermore, our brains evolved to detect, focus upon, and respond to immediate threats.  The amygdala – the oldest part of our brains – looks first and foremost for the poisonous snakes, the tigers, the flash floods, and other things that could injure or kill us.   This is why when you turn on the news, you only hear about all the bad things that happened that day, since the media knows that it is those threats that will always subconsciously grab your attention.  Those bad things begin to shape self-reinforcing stories, in a vicious cycle where our brains lead us to believe a story of a profoundly dangerous and gloomy world;  when in fact nothing could be further from the truth.

While it is certainly true that we’re facing daunting challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss and ecological system degradation, it is equally also true that according to the data we’re also living in the most amazing and exciting time to be alive and that the future is certainly a lot better than our brains often lead us to believe.  It is also true that each and every problem we face likely has very coherent solutions rooted within the elegant integration of the wisdom of nature and technology.  The best way to predict the future is to create it.  The only way to create a coherent, beautiful, thriving future is to be informed by the context of the past and the technology of the present, and to hold both in balance within the context of profound wisdom of ecology.

Context is Everything:  Understanding Who We Are as Human Beings
Understanding the present requires a coherent understanding of our factual history going back to the beginning of life on this planet.  All of us come from ancient tribes which since the beginning of time held sacred an understanding of the universe as a profoundly wise living system with our own destiny being inherently interconnected with the web of life.

It is towards that relationship of respect and interconnection that we must turn back today, and that relationship begins with self-respect.  We cannot truly respect other humans and we cannot respect all life unless we first and foremost respect ourselves.  Changing the relationship to the world requires first and foremost changing our relationship to ourselves from human doings to human beings.  Self-respect within the context of the past is the magic key that unlocks everything because it gives us the compass by which to orient our lives.

While we live in profoundly uncertain times and uncertainty has been with human beings from the very beginning of time, radical presence is the only meaningful answer to that uncertainty.  When we’re fully prepared to meet each challenge as it comes, calmly prioritizing and executing with a front-sight focus, grounded in our understanding of our lives in the context of history, our ability to truly be present heals the anxiety of uncertainty.  Managing uncertainty and complexity are the two core skills most necessary for these times, and yet often they are also the ones least taught and thus least understood.

Nature Connection is the Elegant and Simple Answer
There is a simple secret to returning to balance, resiliency and to truly thriving in our lives, and that secret is our daily core routines.  This course introduces you to the art of life hacking, making smart and data-driven decisions that allow you to make truly lasting and sustainable changes in your life. Rather than giving up anything, we suggest you replace unproductive and unhealthy habits with ones that put your life onto an upward spiral.  The core routines of mindfulness, nature connection, and clean plant-based nutrition are the foundational building blocks towards creating abundance in your life.  Integration, rather than segregation, is the way towards restoring the balance and the abundance that is our inherent birthright.

We Talk a Lot About Freedom in our Culture
We are obsessed with freedom in our culture, but it’s not about freedom. It’s about responsibility to live a life of service and meaning.  When we take our responsibility, the freedom puzzle solves itself.  Happiness, abundance, and thrivability are not only our birthrights, but also our undeniable moral responsibility;  because when the human beings thrive, the planet thrives with us.  We’re not a plague on this planet.  We co-evolved with the planet, we are meant to be here, and we’re meant to fulfill our responsibility as the keystone species.  When we reclaim our responsibility, we gain our freedom as we design and live out truly beautiful and meaningful lives that are worth living.  Now is the time.


Next Camp: Thursday July 27 (9am) through Sunday July 30, 2017 (6pm).

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Core Routines For Optimum Performance and Thriving
– Nature connection
– Intentional community
– Mindfulness & meditation
– Deep listening, trust, and solitude
– Movement, health & fitness
– Thrivability & optimum performance life hacking
– Plant-based nutrition & intermittent fasting
– Coherent living through freedom from drugs and alcohol

Program Structure and Format
The camp is a series of conversations woven together with leisurely hikes and self-reflective journaling time, allowing you to experience the mirror of nature as a tool for grounding, coherency and balance.  There is no magic here; rather we simply suggest, from our own direct personal experience, that truly listening to the wisdom of the natural world can create a profoundly rich context for finding solutions to the challenges we face today and invite you to develop regular core routines that allow you to re-ground and re-balance through regular nature time.  Coherent core habits/routines create the foundation for coherent lives.

Usually on the second day of the course we invite you to spend the day in solitude on the land in an optional but highly recommended day-long fast. The practice of going out on the land, fasting and listening has been with human beings for many centuries, and many different traditions have existed and continue to exist in different cultures. Notably, modern science is also now strongly backing the health benefits of intermittent fasting, and we recommend you consider integrating in your life as a regular habit the core routines of intermittent fasting and regular time listening and being with the land. Upon your return from your solo time, we regroup over dinner to share our experiences and what we each have learned from the land. The coherency of the lessons from the solo time inform the experience of our next days together.

This Conversation is Unlike Anything You Have Experienced
We do not come together to seek agreement, but rather to have a rich dialogue that is truly respectful of a diversity of opinions and perspectives.  Tremendous safety and psychological comfort are afforded by the context of not needing, seeking or wanting agreement.  Similarly all the ideas of the camp are offered with an invitation to try them on, see if they fit, and if not – discard and only take away from the camp what truly works for you, your context and your life.

If this way of relating is new to you, it is likely that you will discover both tremendous freedom, profound power and incredible psychological safety in learning to listen and hear other people without judgment and without the need to seek agreement.  We draw upon the work of Marshall Rosenberg and his students for much of our curriculum around effective communication. We work to create a container of deep trust within which you can play with new ways of being.

This course is for people hungry for depth and substance in their lives and those who are ready to part with all stories of victimhood, ready and willing to fully step into their beautiful, amazing, powerful lives.  Separating fault from responsibility is one of the critical keys of holistic health, since what happened to us might not be our fault, but it is still our individual responsibility.  Please come if you’re ready to accept responsibility in your life and to reclaim your inherent birthright of power within your life.  You got only one beautiful life to live and the time is now.

Meals, Location and Lodging Accommodations
All meals are 100% plant-based, mostly organic, and free of common allergens such as gluten, soy, and dairy.  We generally optimize our meals to maximize protein and healthy fat while cutting sugars/carbs.   As part of our community structure, participants assist with the preparation of the meals, and this becomes a significant social bonding time.  Please note that we are unfortunately unable to accommodate any non-plant-based products on the course location.

We host the camps in beautiful natural settings, and while the program is designed as a camping trip (think car camping; unless otherwise noted, long-distance hiking is not required to get to our base camp) we try to have the option for those who want to sleep indoors during the program to upgrade to on-site dormitory lodging.  We do ask that everyone stay on the site for the duration of the program and in order to provide the most cohesive group experience, we cannot accommodate commuters.  Please understand that due to the complex realities of running this program since we’re working with the realities of nature, all logistics and details of the program are subject to change without notice.

What’s Included in Your Tuition Investment
– Facilitated and structured programming.  The depth of conversation that results during these retreats is likely unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.
– Organic, healthy, plant-based meals.  We’re going to make sure you’re well-fed and that you learn a lot about healthy nutrition along the way.
– Tents and camping equipment.  You need to only bring your own sleeping bag and sleeping pad.
– All appropriate camping permits/fees
– Yes, shower(s) are definitely available at our sites!

You are responsible for transportation to the program location.  On some sites, we may have optional dormitory lodging paid upgrades available, but we cannot guarantee availability.  Please know that this program is intentionally designed for people who have never camped before, and we will provide you with the information you will need to be comfortable.  We want you to learn to be comfortable outdoors, since that comfort will likely translate to you wanting to spend more time outdoors;  which is precisely our goal.

Next Available Program Date and Location
Santa Cruz Mountains, California:   Thursday July 27 (9am) through Sunday July 30, 2017 (6pm).

The location is a private retreat center in the Santa Cruz mountains.  Program size is limited to 18 participants, so please sign up early as we will certainly sell out very quickly. Nearest airport is San Jose.

Tuition Investment
We seek to make this life-changing content available to as many people as possible, and we intentionally price the program accordingly.  If you compare our pricing to most other outdoor education programs, you will see our tuition is usually only a fraction of what you will find anywhere else.

  • Regular Registration (July 11 or later):  $1299

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed:
We know this program will change your life, and we know that you’re going to fall madly in love with our curriculum.  However if after completing the entire program you feel you haven’t gotten sufficient value for your tuition investment, just immediately let us know and we’ll refund your tuition.  If something comes up and you’re unable to attend a program, we would happily give you a one-year voucher for a future program, as available.  We certainly want you to love the experience.


Next Camp: Thursday July 27 (9am) through Sunday July 30, 2017 (6pm).

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