Discover the mental resilience tools Navy SEALS, athletes, and top business executives use to permanently end anxiety and correctly mitigate stress.

Transform your entire life in a single day: join an extraordinary group to build practical embodied and intellectual skills to optimum performance rooted in cutting-edge psychology research, ancient yoga/meditation, and indigenous deep nature connection practices.  

  • Permanently end anxiety by learning to orient and ground in social interactions.
  • Prioritize and execute tasks with a front-sight focus that resolves overwhelm.  
  • Instantly get out of negative emotional loops with a simple box breathing tool.

Stress + Rest = Growth.  
Anxiety is 100% optional when you choose intentional breath.

Depression pulls us into the past, while anxiety seeks to yank us into the future.  Optimal decision making only happens when we intellectually choose intentional embodied action to ground, orient, and fully become present through the power of breath.

  • Hack your stress response with box breathing

Now commonly taught to first responders and military snipers, this simple technique instantly breaks the body's natural fight-flight-freeze stress  response, allowing you to make exponentially better decisions.

  • Ground and orient to break through social anxiety

By taking the time to observe not only people and objects that are present but also absent and then fully dropping into your body, learn how to eliminate unhelpful subconscious mental patterns that sabotage your peace.

  • Instantly calm yourself amidst any crisis

In an emergency, we do not rise to the level of our aspirations, but rather drop down to the level of our training.  Gain pragmatic skills to break through inner chaos and decisively lead with precision and grace.

  • Decisively lead in uncertainty and complexity 

Gain the freedom of breaking verbally-abusive emotional situations.  Human nervous systems co-regulate with others, which allows for profound social power and freedom through clarification of intention and aligned attention.  

Bootcamp Instructor
Vladislav Davidzon

Hi, I’m Vladislav Davidzon, startup founder and chief executive with two decades experience, multiple successful business exits, and leadership experience in an active war zone.  I understand stress, coherent crisis decision-making, and the need to dominate inner dialogue in order to win.

Leadership as the single most decisive factor in any crisis, and the outcome of every situation as pre-determined by the work we do to prepare ourselves before that situation. Leadership is fundamentally about victories within our inner world and within our inner dialogue, long before we step into the public sphere.  

Without emotional intelligence, emotional discipline alone too often leads to suicide, especially for men.  Yet without a deep commitment to cultivating emotional discipline, we have no capacity for any real emotional intelligence, as we spend our lives fearing ourselves and our inner landscape.  

I built this program to teach foundational emotional intelligence and discipline skills rooted in my own studies of Navy SEALs, business executives, athletes, and top performers, in my quest to optimize my capacity to make decisions under pressure.

My optimum performance psychology skillset was initially built out of necessity when I sought to understand how some of my then-industry competitors were exponentially dominating the marketplace.  

I came to understand that in a crisis, the core issue is always how we think about the problem rather than the problem itself:  the inner story we tell ourselves about what's happening fundamentally changes whether we stay in intellect or whether our amygdala drops us into instinct. 

The amygdala is the oldest part of our brain, responsible for assessing our environment for threats.  When the amygdala perceives a threat, and without training to react otherwise, we drop into our instinct and often make incredibly bad decisions.  When the amygdala is in control, higher brain functions are fundamentally not available.   

When disaster strikes, we do not rise to the level of our aspirations, but rather we drop to the level of our training.  This stress management bootcamp will become that training for you.

Emotional resilience is an easily teachable and learnable skill. This bootcamp will teach you the core skills in a single day.

The first key is to train ourselves, mostly through careful focus on breath, to always stay calm - thus keeping the amygdala calm - and to thus stay within our intellect, rather than instinct.  This is just one of the core skills you will learn within this bootcamp.  

The second key is to take complete ownership and control over our inner story about our situation, remaining completely honest and neutral in assessing the objective facts, and placing all of our attention on the next actionable step we can take. 

The third key is bias for action.  Resilience is not about being knocked down but rather the decision to take the step of getting back up.  Faced with the choice of taking an uncertain action or doing nothing, the correct thing is to keep taking action.  

However staying calm, dominating our inner dialogue, and having a bias for action is not enough, because most crises expose either multiple failure points or multiple attack targets, and overtasking becomes inevitable.  Thus in this bootcamp, you will also learn to prioritize and execute tasks one-by-one with extreme discipline and focus, to allow you to steadily work your way out of the crisis.  

This experiential bootcamp is unlike any other training you've done, and you will never look at your life the same way after you complete it.

The bootcamp combines scientifically-backed ancient somatic embodiment practices of yoga with intellectual optimum performance science.

Bootcamp Itinerary

The day will be split between the yoga studio and the stunning natural setting of red rock Sedona.

Morning Session:  Peace Through Non-Reactivity

  • You will start your day with with a 75 minute yoga class to drop into your body.  No previous experience necessary.  
  • By learning intentional box breathing, turning inward, getting grounded in the body before you engage with other people, you will learn how to become truly present and permanently end anxiety.  The core skillset is non-reactivity.  
  • You will spend time in silence observing your environment and noticing your inner story about those observations, arriving at a nature sit spot for a focused meditation.  

Lunch Dialogue:  Integration of Core Concepts

  • After the morning session, you will enjoy a delicious low-carb organic plant-based lunch (no soy or gluten) with a facilitated conversation focused on application of the skills you just learned to specific situations in your work life, and practice the principle of assuming positive intent

Afternoon Session: Bias for Action and Inner Story

  • Through focused group exercises, you will learn to embody the principle of dominating the inner dialogue about your circumstances, taking ownership of your life story and learning to fundamentally trust your somatic experience before your intellectual story about that experience.  
  • The rest of the afternoon will be centered on learning the optimum performance tools "prioritize and execute" to prevent overtasking and "bias for action" to break fight-flight-freeze in moments of stress.  
  • You will wrap up the day in a group closing circle sharing gratitude, core challenges, and clarity of what you seek.  

What Our Students Say

"The experience allowed me to examine my current life, to see what may be achievable going forward. It takes a few days to really ask yourself what it means and what changes are necessary to gain more balance. The subliminal information is taking shape and my life is more relaxed and stable in spite of current chaos. There is certainly a peace that wasn't there before, and it may not be evident for a few days to some people (like me:), but I can assure you it's there and it has an impact. I have more personal power than I thought possible."

Jim Morrison 

I’m working hard on minimizing the amount of stuff I carry around with me – in the mental realm and in the physical realm. I’ve carved out some ‘fix-it’ time to do maintenance of things at home – it’s been one of my most difficult things to do.”

Laura Wesbrook

“The personal development information and exercises were a big, fun plus.”

Jenny Jones

Stress Management Bootcamp Logistics

  • July 16, 2022 | August 20, 2022 | September 24, 2022 | Sedona, Arizona 

Tuition includes expert instruction, organic plant-based lunch, and transportation for the hike portion.  Enrollment is strictly limited to twelve participants per program to ensure a truly extraordinary caliber of participants.  The schedule is subject to change to accommodate outdoor conditions and traffic patterns.