Build the Core Life Habits
You Need to Thrive.

Live the extraordinary life with cutting-edge tools of positive psychology,
optimum performance, nature connection and functionally-correct nutrition.

You're here because you understand that greater mental clarity and physical energy are the key to being a better partner, lover, parent, son or daughter, earning more money, living a more satisfying life full of purpose and meaning, and being a better human being. You've also probably tried to make changes in your life and you've come up short, and even when short-term changes made you feel better, you haven't been able to sustain them over time.  You are not alone.

I built Simple+Optimum because I've been in your shoes.  My name is Vladislav Davidzon and I spent much of my life in an intense mental fog, wondering why everyone around me always seemed to have exponentially more energy, and why I was constantly struggling with horrible acne. My energy levels were constantly fluctuating, my emotional disciple was lacking, and I was almost constantly fatigued.  I knew more was possible for my life, so I began what is now a decade-long process of hacking my habits around nutrition, exercise, nature connection, and most importantly, the link between excess inflammation and health.  

Today I run five miles every single day, easily crank out 100 pull-ups, 200 pushups and 300 squats in half an hour, and my mind hasn't ever been more clear.  Essentially, my life rapidly changed after I decided I've had enough and that what I had just wasn't going to be "it" for my life, and chose to decisively root myself in discipline, working with my most basic psychology, systemically figuring out ways to hack the challenges that were holding me back.  In the process, I also learned that all real meaning and purpose in life only comes from serving people and planet, and I've chosen to build Simple+Optimum to do precisely that.   I now want so share with you what I've learned.

What Are The Five Core Habit Routines of Thriving and Resilient Human Beings?
1) Daily nature connection & ecologically-coherent decision making
2) Discipline of gratitude, mindfulness, and intentional life design 
3) Correct plant-based nutrition: low-carb, adequate fat+protein, with regular intermittent fasting
4) Consistent sleep pattern and avoidance of toxins, including alcohol and drugs. 
5) Vibrant social fabric supporting positive life choices, woven with effective communication

These five core routines are self-reinforcing, with each making the other easier and more sustainable.  Small victories build upon each other, creating the inner trust we need to make bigger changes.  Private victories must be earned before public victories become not only possible, but also inevitable.  

Simplicity enables complexity, and while everything we teach is intentionally designed to be incredibly simple to implement, there is tremendous complexity that's enabled through these simple changes.  While each of these five core routines benefit your life in many complex ways, they each reduce excess inflammation and thus increase your overall well-being.

What's The Magic Secret To Making New Year Resolutions and Personal Growth Goals Happen?
Most attempts to improve our lives usually fail because we ignore our most basic psychology.  Change is only possible when we work with our basic evolutionary nature.  Every habit is a combination of three specific elements:  cue, routine, and reward - and when we either attempt to change more than one of those at a time, or worse ignore the whole loop, we almost certainly fail.   It's no wonder why most New Year's resolutions never make a dent.  

“Habits aren’t destiny. Habits can be ignored, changed, or replaced. But the reason the discovery of the habit loop is so important is that it reveals a basic truth: When a habit emerges, the brain stops fully participating in decision making. It stops working so hard, or diverts focus to other tasks. So unless you deliberately fight a habit—unless you find new routines—the pattern will unfold automatically.”
― Charles Duhigg, The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

Thoughts become actions, actions become habits, habits become life. How we think about our circumstances is exponentially more important than the circumstances themselves, since examining and owning our thoughts is what enables us to actually generate change. Many of us are stuck being unhappy because of a simple loop: our lives are the sum of our habits, the habits are the sum of our thoughts, and the thoughts are unintentional. Our power and sovereignty are determined within the space between each stimulus and response and how we think entirely determines whether we live intentional, meaningful, satisfying lives.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves... Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”
~Viktor E. Frankl, Auschwitz Survivor and Psychologist

The person who chooses alcohol or heroin to ease their emotional pain and the person who chooses running or powerlifting to ease their emotional pain are going to have two radically different outcomes and life trajectories. Both choices eventually create the inertia of habit. However, one places the person on a downward spiral towards self-destruction while the other goes in an upward, self-reinforcing direction toward healing and thriving. The decision for either path is merely the result of how we choose to think.
While we do not control our circumstances, we can wholly control our thoughts about our circumstances and once we do that, we can then also wholly control our responses to the circumstances. By taking control of our thoughts and then our actions, we can proactively affect, and thus often shape, our circumstances. Seeking control of our circumstances is dysfunctional and futile; but gaining total ownership over our thoughts and our actions is how we claim our sovereignty, our power and thus gain authorship of our lives. Own your mind, own your life and thrive.

There Are 6 Core Life Principles Of Thriving and Healthy Human Beings:

1) Self-respect is required foundation for a healthy and coherent life. It is also the inception point to falling madly in love with the world. The way we treat ourselves is exactly the same way we will treat everything and everyone in our lives. It is our moral responsibility to learn to thrive because when the people thrive, the planet will thrive with us. Self-respect starts with healthy core routines, because trust in yourself starts with doing small things with great consistency. The private victories must happen before any public victories can happen since we can never truly trust others until we trust ourselves.
2) Emotional stability and coherency come from correct nutrition and consistent optimum living habits resulting in reduced inflammation and consistent blood sugar levels. It is entirely unreasonable to expect to feel good while eating shit food, going to bed at 3 am, not getting sufficient exercise and abusing your body with toxic poisons like alcohol. You can, however, create healthy routines, and you can climb your way out of the hell that is the "average" life.

3) Disease is always either caused by or aggravated by excessive inflammation. Reducing inflammation is the key to health. Gut health, reduction in toxin intake, consistent and stable blood sugar levels, proper nutrition, regular intermittent fasting, and consistent sleep are the keys to reducing inflammation. When you remove the inflammation, you allow your body to bring itself back into balance.  With the five core routines, we take care of the simple in order to allow nature to take care of the complicated and the complex, allowing our bodies to come into balance, and thus health.
4) The elephant in every room is trauma.  The fundamental intent of this work is the emergence of a stunningly beautiful and thriving culture without the distress of trauma, which is a completely natural response of the human animal to extreme stress, and which can only be healed through the body (somatics), combined with coherent nutrition (food as medicine), in deep relationship with nature (deep ecology and eco-psychology), intervowen within a strong and vibrant social fabric (intentional community). 

5) Intentionally chosen story of relationship and natural balance. A thriving culture requires that we be clear that our perceptional reality is the sum of our stories, and we must ground those stories in relationship with nature and community, reclaiming our lives, healing ourselves, healing our world, and using the tools of emotional discipline (self-regulation) as an internalized resource for continuous emotional healing and resiliency. Since the physical imprint of depression is inflammation caused by trauma, the systemic reduction of inflammation enables the natural balance of the human body to integrate and thus heal. There are no broken or evil people, only systemically unmet basic needs. Radical embodied presence, in deep relationship with all life is our answer
6) Keep it simple and always focus on the root cause.
Numbing symptoms without treating root causes, which is what our entire allopathic mainstream medical system is designed to do, creates much larger problems by allowing the root causes to continue to deteriorate. Everything is interconnected, health is the natural balance of life, and nature always seeks to restore balance, and our bodies always seek a state of homeostasis. By consistently simplifying our lives and our nutritional intake, we avoid paralysis by analysis and are able to prioritize and execute actions that restore health. Simplicity enables complexity.

We invite you to join the program that teaches you these core skills while providing accountability and the supportive global community of practice, as you implement changes to grow and live a better life

Thrive Online Course,
Coaching, and Global
Community of Practice 

The habits you need to live the extraordinary life of coherency and purpose.

The Thrive Self-Paced Online Course provides you with everything you need to put your life on an upward spiral of personal growth by building habit routines that cause you to make progress every day towards becoming your best self.  Whether it's in deepening your nature connection, cleaning up your diet, reducing stress, improving sleep or a variety of other life quality metrics, this course will help you make consistent progress through the use of cutting-edge habit psychology.  

Accountability is incredibly important when making big changes in your life, but even more important is a community of people who share your desires and values.  Our global Community of Practice is designed to provide you with the support you need through an online forum, and if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, in-person meetup-style gatherings.  As we build sufficient density of participants in different locations to uphold the momentum, we will also launch 

The Thrive Course content is delivered to you in three formats - as animated online videos, as a USB key with all the lectures so you can listen while driving to work, and as a beautiful three-ring binder.  The Thrive Coaching Program are regular webinars where you can ask questions of our instructors, with recordings of these later available to you in the member area, and the Thrive Community of Practice is an online group that gives you access to other people around the world working with this same curriculum while improving their lives.

Here are just some of the many things you will learn in this program:

  • cog
    Why good habit psychology is critical to making lasting changes in our lives.  
    Our brains evolved to process information and to take action in specific ways, and we can use those evolutionary behavior patterns to make truly sustainable changes.  We've all at some point failed at making some changes we wanted in our lives, and now science both explains why we previously failed and how to make lasting and sustainable changes with great consistency.
  • cog
    How simple breathing hacks enable you to get out of the fight-or-flight mode that arises when faced with disagreements and conflicts with people in our lives.
    Routinely taught to military snipers and first responders, you can use these same skills to improve how you communicate and consistently create meaningful connection and understanding through empathy.
  • cog
    How to cook delicious nutritionally-balanced high-fat, high-protein, low-carb plant-based meals.
    Nothing processed, no soy, no gluten, just real whole foods like avocados, lentils, beans, quinoa, salads and more. Learn to eat the right balance of plants and feel fantastic, while significantly reducing your ecological footprint.
  • cog
    Why changing the balance of protein and fat to carbs is the shortest and simplest path to optimum health.
    Whether you're seeking to eliminate brain fog, lose weight, get rid of acne, or manage a complex disease, there is a growing consensus that making changes to one's diet can have profound and cascading consequences to all aspects of our lives. We advocate for a holistic approach rooted in listening to your body's needs above all else and then prioritizing foods that are high in healthy fats and proteins, thus avoiding unnecessary carbs and sugars.
  • cog
    How to properly supplement food with food.
    That's not a typo. For optimum living performance, we advocate supplementing a healthy balanced diet with superfood plants that are nutrient-rich and considered to be especially beneficial due to their unique impacts on health, well-being, and specific bodily functions such as digestion. We're big fans of doing adequate-protein and fat smoothies for breakfast, which also make it super easy to meet your specific nutritional goals.
  • cog
    How intermittent fasting can easily help you reach your health and fitness goals.
    You will spend the second day of the program in nature, in relative solitude, and in an optional day-long fast. You will experientially understand how integrating intermittent fasting into your routine radically upgrades the way you feel. Our participants have remarked that the way we teach intermittent fasting makes it easy by eliminating food cravings.
  • cog
    How to optimize your sleeping environment to consistently get a good night's sleep.
    We know that sleep is essential to our health, yet too many of us struggle to get enough good sleep because of fundamental issues with how we've set up our living environment. We teach rapid, inexpensive, simple hacks you can immediately implement after the retreat.
  • How small changes to your home can yield huge rewards in how you feel and function.
    Removing common toxins from our environment and replacing the products we use on a daily basis is a no-brainer and of course, we teach you how to do that; but we also look at how to mitigate the less obvious - the molds, toxic paints and materials commonly used in construction. Better air quality in your home can be quite simple, yet the impact quite profound.
  • Understand how mindfully spending time in nature positively affects your psychological well-being.
    Human beings evolved with nature, and we are nature, and there is now a vast body of evidence that suggests that our disconnect from nature causes profound emotional harm. While the fix can be unbelievably simple, making nature-connection and mindful living a consistent core routine in our lives requires a bit more thoughtful planning, made easier by understanding the psychology involved.

How This Self-Paced Online Program Works:

The program is a combination of three components:
1) Online Course of just over ten hours of content.
2) Coaching Program where you can ask questions of our coaches through regular topic-specific webinars.
3) Global Community of Practice, an online forum where you can correspond with people just like yourself working to improve their lives and become their best selves through this curriculum with you.  

The online course consists of over 10 hours of lectures, which we deliver in four different formats to accommodate the full range of learning styles and allow you to consume the materials in the way that best fits your current lifestyle:
1) animated video lectures
2) audio-only version of the lectures
3) printed 3-ring binder manual
4) USB key with the audio lectures and manual

FrankWinkler / Pixabay

Some of our students listen to the audio lectures in their cars while driving to work, while others set aside time to watch the lectures online, and others learn best from the books. No matter the flow of your life or preferred learning style, we have you covered.  

The Thrive Coaching Program is a six-month online training and accountability cycle that helps you as you integrate the content in this program and allows you to ask questions.  It is integrated with our Global Community of Practice, which is an online forum, so you get access to both our staff and other people who are making these changes in their own lives.  

The course content itself, which is just over ten hours, can be consumed at your own pace and we suggest a six-month timeline for making all the changes in this course.  When you purchase this program, you get lifetime access to the online course and printed materials are yours to keep;  and you get six month complimentary access to the Coaching Program and the Community of Practice.

As you can tell, this is an incredibly comprehensive program, intentionally covering a broad range of interconnected optimum living habits.  Here is the full curriculum: 

1.1 Being at Choice: The Freedom of International Living

1.2 Hacking Your Way to Healthy Mind

1.3 Raising the Baseline of "Normal"

1.4 Self-Respect + Purpose + Progress + Progress = Happiness

1.5 Your Universal Bedrock Foundations for Coherent Living

1.6 Your Optimized Plant-Based Nutrition Done Right

1.7 Own Your Story, Own Your Life: Purpose, Small Victories and the Cookie Jar

1.8 Your 8-Week Roadmap to Optimizing Your Life

Habit Psychology: Thoughts + Actions + Habits Determine Your Life

2.1 What is a Habit?

2.2 How Habits Are Triggered

2.3 Reformatting Old Habits to Create Better Ones

2.4 Five Stages of Habit Formation

2.5 Understanding the Cue-Routine-Reward Cycle

2.6 Tips for Taking Your Old Habits Head On

2.7 How to Implement Healthier Routines

2.8 Crave-Worthy Rewards

2.9 Believe You Can Change

2.10 What To Do If Negative Habits Persist

2.11 The 5-Second Rule

2.12 Psychological Mechanisms at Work: The Science Behind the 5-Second Rule

2.13 How to Break a Habit for Good and Succeed in Life

2.14 Take Ownership of Your Mind: Breathing & Meditation

Successful People Always Think Differently

3.1 Fifteen Core Habits of Successful People

3.2 Make a Big Goal and Then Forget It

3.3 Self-Identify with the Process

3.4 Innovate

3.5 Overcome the Motivation Myth

3.6 Find Flow

3.7 Own Your Attention

Let’s Start with the Lymph
Let’s Start with the Lymph

3.8 Prioritize Better

3.9 Create a Bias for Action

3.10 Execute Like a Boss

3.11 Prep It Now to Nail It Later

3.12 Realize You Can’t Hack Your Way to Success

3.13 Don’t Bother to Be Better Than Others

3.14 Those Who Think They Are, Are

3.15 Develop Influence

3.16 Be Humble

B Group Vitamins
B Group Vitamins

Food is Medicine: The SimpleOptimum Nutrition Blueprint

4.1 Why Your Diet Is Killing You: Preventable Disease and Early Death Are Inevitable Until You Change

4.2 The Standard American Diet (S.A.D)

4.3 The Effects of S.A.D. on Health

4.4 Five Guiding Principles

4.5 The Fat-Protein-Carb Ratio Makes or Breaks Your Life

4.6 Principle One: Eat Clean

4.7 Principle Two: Eat Consistently

Your Brain is Starving Here’s Why it Needs More of These 13 Nutrients
Your Brain is Starving Here’s Why it Needs More of These 13 Nutrients

4.8 Principle Three: Abundant Water, Not Sugar

4.9 Principle Four: Replace the Carbs

4.10 Principle Five: Regularly Abstain from Eating

4.11 From Mindless Eating to Mindful Eating

4.12 Foods to Optimize Energy Levels

4.13 Adapting This Diet for Your Life

4.14 Ketogenic vs Low Carb Diets

4.15 Frequently Asked Questions

4.16 Change is a Process

Qualia Forskolin
Qualia Forskolin

Intermittent Fasting: The Secret to Ultimate Health and Simple Weight Loss

5.1 What is Intermittent Fasting?

5.2 What are the Benefi ts of Intermittent Fasting?

5.3 Whole Day Fasting and Time-Restricted Fasting

5.4 Leangains (The 16/8 Method)

5.5 Eat - Stop - Eat (Fasting for 24 Hours Once or Twice Every Week)

5.6 The Warrior Diet

5.7 Alternate-Day Fasting (Fasting Every Other Day)

5.8 Fat Fasting

5.9 Only Eating When You’re Hungry


5.10 Three Ways to Make Intermittent Fasting Much Easier


Mental Health and Nutrition

6.1 Your Brain On Food

6.2 Nutritional Deficiencies and Mental Health

6.3 Supplements are key to Overcoming Nutrient Deficiencies

6.4 Common Symptoms of Mental Illness

6.5 Body Systems Involved in Mental Illness

6.6 Summary: Nutrients are Vital to a Happy Mental State

Testosterone and DHT
Testosterone and DHT

Your Guide to Ultimate Gut Health

7.1 What Makes a Healthy Gut?

7.2 Why is Gut Health Important?

7.3 Symptoms and Conditions Associated with an Unhealthy Gut

7.4 Nervous Symptoms and Conditions Associated with an Unhealthy Gut

7.5 Immune Symptoms and Conditions Associated with an Unhealthy Gut

7.6 How Can I Heal My Gut Naturally?

7.7 Live a Lifestyle that Supports Good Gut Health

Vegan Supplementation

8.1 Best Vegan Whole Food Supplements for Quality, Purity and Effectiveness

8.2 Signs and Symptoms of Nutrient Deficiency

8.3 Why You Should Take Supplements Daily

8.4 Do’s and Don’ts When Choosing Supplements

8.5 Everyday Supplements for Optimum Living

Principles of Detoxification

9.1 Everything You Need to Know for Ultimate Cleansing

9.2 Guidelines for Successful Detoxifi cation

9.3 A Simple 7-Day Detox Program

Eat Colorful Vegetables for Antioxidant Support
Eat Colorful Vegetables for Antioxidant Support

How Exercise Heals

10.1 You Know Exercise is Good for Your Health, But Why?

10.2 What Happens When You Exercise?

10.3 How Often Should You Exercise?

10.4 What Type of Exercise Should You Do?

10.5 How Do You Reduce Muscle Stiff ness and Aches?

The Kick-Ass Morning Routine That Make Your Whole Day Amazing

11.1 Morning Rituals of Famously Successful People

11.2 The Elements of a Successful Morning Ritual

11.3 Sample Successful Morning Ritual

Warm & Cold Compress With Herbs
Warm & Cold Compress With Herbs

Hacking Sleep

12.1 How to Get Better Sleep: Causes, Cures, and the 6 Best Hacks for Insomnia

12.2 What is Causing Your Sleeplessness?

12.3 If You Can’t Get to Sleep: Causes and Cures

12.4 Six Healthy Habits for Great Sleep

Hacking Stress and Anxiety

13.1 Understanding Your Stress Response – Brain, Nerves & Hormones

13.2 Ready for Stress - Fight or Flight

13.3 Best Hacks For A Stressed Mind And Body

friends happy on a beach
friends happy on a beach

The Science of How Gratitude Changes Everything

14.1 Gratitude Isn’t Just Positive Thinking

14.2 Psychological Benefits of Gratitude

14.3 Social Benefits of Gratitude

14.4 Physical Benefits of Gratitude

14.5 How to Cultivate Gratitude

Take Charge of Your Health: Detox Your Home

15.1 Symptoms of Toxic Overload

15.2 10 Steps to Reduce the Toxic Load in Your Home

Take Time for Relaxation
Take Time for Relaxation

The Two-Week Diet Plan and Grocery Shopping List

16.1 Breakfast Recipes

16.2 Lunch Recipes

16.3 Dinner Recipes

16.4 Dessert Recipes

16.5 Snack Recipes

16.6 Substitutes

16.7 Grocery Shopping List for the Two-Week Diet Plan

16.8 Saving Money While on the Vegan Keto Diet

Build the Core Life Habits
You Need to Thrive.


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