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  • Reduce Cellular Inflammation

Chronic inflammation disrupts the hormonal communication between cells that leads to various symptoms, including joint and muscle stiffness, lethargy and a host of disease markers such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and autoimmune issues.

  • Improve Disease Markers Without Medication

While most disease markers are treated primarily with medication, they end up “masking” the real issues. Using our naturopath-vetted recipes, you’ll join of of people who’ve been

  • Simplify Your Eating For Nutritional Value

The most common challenge from nutritional consistency comes from two places: simplifying your eating and ensuring you have variety. With our recipes, you’ll never run out of delicious meals to optimize your hormonal balance and give your body exactly what it needs to look, feel, and perform its

  • Optimize Your Longevity & Mental Sharpness

Each done-for-you recipe has been designed with the help and guidance of a world-class naturopath to ensure you make sustainable changes to increase longevity and mental —without sacrificing taste or figure out how prepare these

Hi, I’m Vladislav Davidzon —and for years, I though I was doing it ‘right.’ Except I was actually destroying my health and following conventional advice left me full of inflammation, exhausted and with my doctor frightened about my health...

According to the latest trends and conventional wisdom around dieting, eating and nutrition, I should have been thriving.   

But I was not.   In fact, I was quite the opposite: my entire body was full of inflammation, I had endless skin issues, was unable to focus with my brain fog — and I felt terrible most days.   

Worst of all: my health markers were in serious decline every time I’d visit my doctor.

To be honest, I was ready to give up and accept my harsh reality that because of my declining health, I’d be:

  • Missing out on life’s daily pleasures due to feeling exhausted
  • Unable to focus and pay attention due to crippling brain fog
  • Sick of the overwhelm, misinformation and guesswork

I came to the stark realization that my body was failing me and that  I was destined to become another statistic of chronic health conditions.

Along the way, I tried anything and everything that I could get my hands off: from ‘magical’ elixirs to Eastern medicine, calories — and everything in between.

But none of it worked and not only did I feel worse, my bank account was also paying the price.

Until I met someone who advised me to balance my ratio of carbs, proteins, and fats at every meal — using a simple, easy-to-follow 40/30/30 ratio.

I’d heard all types of things before and this seemed so bafflingly simple that I didn’t expect much.

As I went about my life, I noticed something click after a few days:

  • My usual 2PM slump where I’d need a nap was much less noticeable.
  • The joint pain and stiffness that become normal was disappearing.
  • The brain fog I’d become used turned into sharp mental clarity.

After years of trial and error, I discovered a
‘magic ratio’ to reduce inflammation,
increase longevity and achieve hormonal balance.

In fact, what I discovered was simple:

The optimal ratio of protein, carbs and fat at every meal was helping me reduce inflammation, feel sharp mental energy — and even start to reverse the critical health makers I’d worked so hard for years to do.

A couple months into this new lifestyle, I visited my doctor and when he came into the room with a beaming smile.

“Vladislav, we’ve got to talk…. what did you do to turn this around?”

As I breathed a sigh of relief, I knew I had to share this with the rest of the world, including partnering with a world-class naturopathic doctor who helped put the exact program on this page together.

Chronic inflammation radically increases your risk of disease.

This inflammation leads to countless symptoms in your everyday life:

  • Tightness, stiffness and aches you feel in your body.
  • Brain fog, scatteredness and forgetting daily items.
  • Risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes.
  • Feeling exhausted and lacking any type of motivation.
  • Endless cravings and “rollercoaster” sugar rushes.
  • Hormonal imbalances that increase stubborn bodyfat.

The key to the puzzle was right in front of me the entire time...

So, what’s the key to health?

It's really simple.  You have to cut sugar by getting the optimal meal ratio at every meal, where you’re getting no more than 40% of your calories from carbs (sugars), and you're getting 30% of your calories from protein, and you're getting 30% of your calories from fat.  The key to doing that sustainably is that you have to not just cut sugar, but rather replace it with protein and healthy fats, allowing you to:

Improve your sugar and insulin balance.

The typical diet is loaded with carbs and sugar, even from sources that seem “healthy”, leading to a rollercoaster spike of sugar and insulin, followed by a crash that wreaks havoc on your system.

Reduce inflammation across the board.

By giving your body the exact ratio of nutrients at every meal, your body has exactly what it needs to tory markers —while balancing hormones that dictate your risk(s) for countless immune system deficiencies.

Increased longevity and reduced disease markers.

Longevity stems from ensuring your cells are communicating properly and achieving the right hormonal balance, with the right nutrients…at the right times.

When you get this right, your anti-inflammatory diet dramatically improves your health.

Now, it’s one thing to know about this optimal ratio —but how do you put it into practice?

After 20 years of experimentation, trial and error and a world-class naturopathic doctor, we’ve built a done-for-you Recipe Library to help take all the hassle out ensuring your meals achieve the optimal ratio.

Best of all:

There’s guesswork, overthinking or needing to eat cardboard-tasting meals.

Anyone can follow these easy-to-follow recipes that taste and are incredibly healthy for you. In fact, most of them take less than 10 minutes to complete!

300 Years Of Combined Experience, A World Class Naturopathic Doctor & 1000s Of People Later…

Plant-Based Rebuild Your Health Online Course Was Born...

Learn exactly how to eat correctly and to meet your health goals with a clean whole foods plant diet

With this 1-hour video course, you will learn precisely what foods you should eat to achieve your optimum weight, end brain fog, and have tons more energy, while avoiding the dangerous yet common vegan mistakes that can destroy your health. You will learn to eat a plant-based low-inflammation diet, high in healthy fats, adequate protein, and less carbs.

With this one-hour self-paced online course, you will learn precisely what plant-based foods you should eat to achieve your optimum weight, end brain fog, and have tons more energy, while avoiding the dangerous yet common vegan mistakes that can destroy your health. You will learn to eat a plant-based low-inflammation diet, high in healthy fats, adequate protein, and lower in carbs.

Stop Sugar-Drinking Yourself Fat, Tired, and Insulin Resistant.

The average American is still drinking way too many sugary drinks, including soda and juice. Drinking sugary drinks is an insidious habit that was designed by Big Soda to keep you addicted to their product. This course will teach you how to break the addiction to sugar.

Hack Away Your Bad Habits With Cutting-Edge Behavior Science.

Most New Year's resolutions fail because it is impossible to make lasting life changes while working against our most basic animal brains, yet these most common mistakes are very easily fixed. Learn to make dietary changes with ease and grace.

Eat Correct Macro-Nutrient Ratios for Your Weight and Muscle Goals.

Whether you are trying to lose weight or build muscle, the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in each meal is what makes your ideal body achievable and with this course you will know which foods you should eat and which to avoid.

Module 1: Six Steps to Changing Bad Food Habits.

All habits are formed based on a cue, routine, and reward. There are thousands of different ways to change a habit but the successful ones always utilize these 3 major processes in the human brain. You will learn cutting-edge behavior change science that will enable you to make sustainable life changes.

Module 2: Cutting Sugar and Switching to Water.

Learn how to generate a significantly faster metabolism, help flush toxins out of your body, and keep yourself hydrated in order to maintain a healthy weight and have tons more energy.

Module 3: How to Get Enough Protein on a Plant-Based Diet.

Choosing plant-based foods that are high in healthy fats and protein will ensure that you stay fit, healthy, and full of boundless energy. Minimize carbs where possible.

Module 4: How to Meet Your Nutritional Needs

Plant-based eating can completely suffice and entirely outdo animal-based eating and give you all the macro and micronutrients you need. Many plant-based foods have all the amino-acids you need, and also contain other important nutrients like fiber, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.

Module 5: Going Clean: Gluten, Soy, Processed Foods, and Alcohol.

Learn to dramatically improve your health by removing the most common allergens and significantly reduce inflammation caused by your diet. These simple changes often result in tremendous improvements in brain clarity, energy levels and emotional well-being.

Module 6: Optimizing with Food-Based Nutritional Supplements.

Due to soil depletion, conventionally grown fruits and vegetables often have a third or half the nutrient density of the same fruit and vegetables grown in our grandparent’s time. Learn what you should supplement, such as vitamin B-12 and more.

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