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Learn the Fifty Secrets to
Healthy Vegan Living

Here are just some of the many things you will learn in this program:

How to cook delicious nutritionally-balanced vegan high-fat, high-protein, low-carb plant-based meals.

Why changing the macro-nutrient balance is the shortest path to optimum health.

Ketogenic and low-carb: the benefits, the science, and why you should do it 

Banish nutrient deficiencies for good by taking the correct supplements 

How inflammation affects the body and mind: how to combat inflammation for good

How to properly supplement a vegan diet.

Symptoms of an unhealthy gut and why it’s crucial to heal it 

Mindless versus mindful eating: make the change and transform your health 

The five principles of eating for your best life ever 

How intermittent fasting can easily help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Improve your mental health with proper nutrition: eating for happiness 

How to rapidly establish better habits for the health and happiness.

Banish negative habits from your life and achieve your biggest goals

The 5-second rule you never knew but will change your future 

Own your mind and stop it from owning you with meditation

Prioritize like a pro and get more out of every day 

The life-changing habits of successful people which you can do too 

How to eat for the best gut health of your life 

Cleanse, detox and restart: how to spring clean your body and mind 

Cardio and strength: why you need to do both, and how to start 

Easing the pain: soothe exercised-induced muscle aches 

The six definitive habits for the best sleep you’ve ever had  

The morning routines of successful people: copy the habits and share the success 

Get to the bottom of stress: the science, the facts, the patterns

Simple hacks for getting through stress: mindfulness and self-awareness

Gratitude: how to foster it, how to live it, how enrich your life with it 

Detox your personal space: why you need a healthy home 

Cleanse your body and mind: a two-week eating plan to restart and revive 

How every choice affects your life as a whole: how to make small changes and win.

Simple morning habits: daily rituals for daily successes 

The power of water: how to swap alcohol and sugar for pure H20

Identify bad habits: find the triggers and learn to avoid them

Why habit hacking is critical to making sustainable life changes.

How to optimize your sleeping environment to consistently get a good night's sleep.

How simple breathing hacks enable you to get out of the fight-or-flight mode that arises when faced with disagreements and conflicts with people in our lives.

How small changes to your home can yield huge rewards in how you feel and function.

Understand how to hack your mental health by mindfully spending time in nature.

"Awesome…all the way around! You are a wealth of information about how to eat a fully balanced vegan diet 100% of the time.

You are professional, respond quickly, and seem to be on top of things.  I have been really impressed with your website and your information thus far! Thank you."

~Beth Prewett

Healthy Vegan Living 15-Course Library


No Risk 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

You will love this program or we refund your money.


You will love this program or get a refund

What does this vegan healthy living course library include?

FOOD IS MEDICINE COURSE: Nutrition for Low Inflammation and Optimum Health

INTERMITTENT FASTING COURSE: Optimum Wellbeing or Weight Loss

PLANT-BASED SUPPLEMENTATION COURSE: Low Inflammation and Optimum Health

SCIENCE OF SUCCESS COURSE: Core Routines for Happiness and Achievement

TAKING OWNERSHIP COURSE:  Coherent Natural Vegan Living

HEAL YOUR STOMACH COURSE: Gut Health Ecology Foundations

HEAL YOUR MIND COURSE: Nutrition, Emotional Fitness, and Mental Health

CLEANSE YOUR BODY COURSE: Detoxification Principles

HEAL YOUR BODY COURSE: The Science of Exercise

RECLAIM YOUR SLEEP COURSE: Ending Chronic and Acute Insomnia

OPTIMIZE YOUR DAY COURSE: Setting a Coherent Morning Routine

OPTIMIZE YOUR LIFE COURSE: The Habit Loop and Positive Habit Routines

RECLAIM YOUR PEACE COURSE: Hacking Stress and Ending Anxiety

GRATITUDE COURSE: The Single Most Important Habit - Science of Gratitude

GREEN YOUR ECO-HOME COURSE: Clean Natural Living Principles

How does this life-changing self-paced online training work?

The course library consists of animated videos, quizzes and downloadable content that you can access at your own pace.    

Some of our students listen to the audio lectures in their cars while driving to work, while others set aside time to watch the animated video lectures online, and others learn best from the downloadable content.  No matter the flow of your life or preferred learning style, we have you covered.

You decide how the program fits into your life - and we make it super easy for you!  

"Very informative.  I have learned a lot as far as trying to improve my health and live a long prosperous life."

~Sandra Coney

Healthy Vegan Living 15-Course Library



You will love this program or get a refund

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To that, I say, why would I penalize the 99% of people in the world who are good people because a few rotten eggs?  



You will love this program or get a refund

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