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Heal Your Stomach: Gut Health Ecology Foundations

At the heart (and head) of good mental health is good gut health. In this course, we explore the gut-brain connection, the fascinating intelligence of the gut, and its essential role in combatting depression,

Think Better: The Ultimate Guide to Ending Brain Fog and Hacking Your Brain

This book describes the most cutting edge tools and tips that can help you access the full potential of your brain. It covers natural methods to restore cognitive function, memory, creativity, higher

Achieve: The Habits of Success

You have thousands of habits right now. Some of them help you to be happy, healthy, motivated, and successful. Some do not. There are repeatable patterns that guarantee you will live well. There is also

Plant-Based Health

Thousands of years ago wise people knew that the food we ate could either heal us or harm us. A departure from this wisdom has led to many health problems in the modern age. The United States now spends

Effective Communication & Conflict Resolution

This course is all about making communication between people more open, honest, equal and productive. We explore the ways that communication can be used positively and negatively, and look at strategies

Mindfulness and Meditation

The modern world is a fast-paced, stimulating, and uncompromising place. Allied to the drive for more, better, next fostered by consumer capitalism, it can seem that you never have any time for yourself,

Thrive: The Simple+Optimum Lifestyle Course

Intentional living is a super-power. It is the ability to make our own choices before someone else makes them for us. To attain true self-realization and self-actualization, to grow from the “manure”