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Achieve: The Habits of Success

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You have thousands of habits right now. Some of them help you to be happy, healthy, motivated, and successful. Some do not. There are repeatable patterns that guarantee you will live well. There is also a scientifically documented body of research which proves that habit formation is at the center of every success in life. By learning how habits are formed, you can replace negative habits with positive ones that create a completely different, positive trajectory in any endeavor you undertake.

This book describes the most powerful, fastest ways to undo bad habits and replace them with positive ones, based on the research conducted in positive psychology and neurobiology in the last several decades. The practices described herein are a manual for success, and the sooner they are implemented, the more profound the change will be in your life. If you are ready for a quickening and an undeniable path to follow in order to achieve your biggest goals and dreams, then you have to hack your habits. After reading this book, you will know, unequivocally – exactly how.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how positive psychology differs from traditional psychology
  • Know what a habit is, and how one is formed in a three-step mental process
  • Understand the neural networks involved in habit formation and information “chunking”
  • Learn the fastest way to overcome bad habits
  • Understand what neural plasticity is and why you need it to be happy and fulfilled
  • Learn how to use both positive and negative emotions to form successful habits
  • Learn the common, scientifically documented habits of people who are happy, fulfilled, and successful all over the world, no matter their background, culture, race, gender, or upbringing
  • Learn the best time to reward yourself to strengthen a positive habit
  • Appreciate the value of a “reset” for the brain so you can start from zero
  • Realize that there are different skill sets to make a miserable person less miserable and a “normal” person thrive
  • Learn the three core cultivators of happiness and self-fulfillment
  • Understand flow: what it is, why it’s important, and how to consistently create it
  • Learn the 5 core principles of positive psychology
  • Recognize nine routine habits that create a positive psychology
  • Learn how to replace negative self-talk with curious questions
  • Recognize how to tame the “Monkey Mind” with meditation
  • Learn how to use positive visualization for positive outcomes
  • Value positive mentors and understand their influence in your life
  • Fathom why mediocrity is a dangerous place to hang out
  • Know how to kick the artificial good/bad dichotomy to move from subsiding to thriving
  • Understand what spiritual bypassing is and how to avoid it
  • Identify routines that are built on positive habit and how to create them
  • Learn what happy people have in common
  • Grasp that every single successful person you look up to has cultivated positive habits
  • Learn the core motivators of happiness: flow, positive emotions, and meaning
  • Understand how habits are formed in childhood and how to break free from damaging habits formed early in life
  • Learn why self-care isn’t indulgent, it’s vital to achieve success
  • Realize that diet, health, exercise, and simple lifestyle habits overflow into greater areas of happiness in your life
  • Understand when to say no
  • Learn the value of zero-tasking
  • See why successful people value relationship above all else and you should too
  • Find out the action steps you can begin right now to develop a positive psychology
  • Learn how to build a locus of control
  • Understand the difference between self-esteem, self-respect, and self-efficacy
  • Learn 5 beliefs that contribute to self-efficacy
  • Understand how to ditch the victim mentality and take 100% responsibility for your life
  • Know why you need to take constructive criticism and always strive for improvement not perfection
  • Realize that you can never abort your mission if you want to succeed
  • Understand the value of asking for help
  • Know why and when to hire people who are smarter or better than you
  • Appreciate that goals without a plan will give you half-baked results
  • Apprehend the importance of discipline and how to create it easily with habits
  • Learn how to get 100% buy-in
  • Learn how to achieve complete concentration on a task – flow
  • Understand the 8 characteristics of flow
  • Recognize the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic happiness and motivation
  • Understand what keystone habits are
  • Learn how one positive habit can overflow into dynamic, positive change in other areas of your life
  • Understand that neural activity can override bad habits and usher in massive change
  • Recognize the value of willpower, but how not to overuse this skill
  • Learn how to focus on one pattern to change many habits at once
  • Grasp the value of gratitude in creating a positive psychology
  • Learn why one small habit change makes little difference, but a collection of small habits amount to incredible change
  • Understand the wheel of life, and why you need positive habits in every domain
  • Learn about the subjective happiness scale and how to use it to measure progress
  • Learn the optimal state of well being
  • Learn which domains of life you score the highest and lowest in subjective happiness
  • Determine one small goal for each of the ten domains on the wheel of life
  • Come up with a plan for full-spectrum living
  • Uncover the history of the 21-day habit formation myth and what it really takes to change bad habits
  • Learn why you succumb to self-sabotage and how to avoid it
  • Learn how to get 1% better every day
  • Know how to use your willpower as little as possible
    Understand the Pareto Principle

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