Plant-Based Health

Thousands of years ago wise people knew that the food we ate could either heal us or harm us. A departure from this wisdom has led to many health problems in the modern age. The United States now spends more than the entire world on health care, yet has some of the worst outcomes in health. Other countries who have taken up the Western diet, are increasingly becoming ill. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cognitive decline are just a few of the health outcomes of the poor food habits we’ve developed since the industrial revolution.

By building new, healthy eating habits you can free yourself of the detrimental health outcomes which now plague the world. In these pages, you will learn important pillars which are vital to optimum health, primarily guided by clean eating.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to form new, healthy eating habits with proper habit formation techniques
  • Why water should be your primary beverage of choice
  • How to achieve the right fat/protein/carb ratio for optimum health
  • How to get all the protein (amino acids) you need from a 100% plant-based diet
  • The nine amino acids you need to incorporate into your diet for better health
  • Why sugar and carbs might be slowing you down and making you sick
  • Why you should replace gluten, soy, alcohol, and processed foods with something better
  • Why eating at the same time everyday matters
  • Why eating clean does more than just support your physical health
  • How to fill nutrient gaps with plant-based foods and supplements
  • 19 of the most important supplements you should have on hand
  • How to follow an intermittent fasting schedule to achieve weight loss, a clear mind, and exuberant energy levels
  • Why animal proteins are harmful
  • What a keto diet is and when you should try one