It’s Willpower Not Inspiration That Creates Successful People: The Science of It All

In this chapter you’re going to learn about the difference between willpower and self-discipline, how willpower develops, and solid ways to increase your willpower, so that on the occasion that you need it – and you will – you’ll know exactly what to do if your willpower is flagging.

You’ll also learn how not to exhaust yourself even when you have high levels of willpower, and stop self-sabotaging your positive habits by using outdated and ineffective tools to create willpower.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn what willpower truly is and how and when you’ll need it
  • Learn how not to overuse your willpower muscle
  • Understand why willpower developed as a positive human trait
  • Realize that there is a difference between willpower and self-discipline
  • Understand that your willpower is actually a combination of “will” and “won’t” power