Effective Communication & Conflict Resolution

This course is all about making communication between people more open, honest, equal and productive. We explore the ways that communication can be used positively and negatively, and look at strategies to ensure more of the former. You’ll learn about the role compliments, punishment and stress can play in inhibiting good communication, as well as discover some practical strategies for dealing with them. The course also looks at the crucial role that listening has in personal relationships, and guides you through ways to make your listening more active and empathetic. Completing this course will give you a thorough understanding of how what you say and how you say it can influence your interactions with others – and the tools to make your communication more effective and positive. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Appreciate how listening is as important a part of communication as speaking
  • Understand the difference between empathetic and judgmental listening
  • Consider the shared goals that can be achieved through effective communication
  • Be able to express your need while respecting the needs of others
  • Learn how to change negative self-talk into positive affirmation
  • Realize the impact that anger has on communication
  • Recognize that punishment rarely leads to achieving shared goals
  • Understand how stress and depression affect how we communicate
  • Know how compliments foster positive relationships
  • Achieve honest, open communication with others that promotes harmony and understanding