Is it Carbs and Sugar or Fat Making You Fat?

If you look at any typical food pyramid, it’s all wrong. In fact, though the scientific establishment has spent several decades demonizing dietary fat, we’ve all been misled. The truth is that refined

Gratitude Isn’t Just Good for Your Mind, It Also Changes Your Body: Here’s How

Gratitude is amazing. It helps us understand why difficult things have happened in the past, to help shape us and allow us to grow stronger. Gratitude also creates peace when we practice it in the present

6 Ways To Ditch a S.A.D. Diet Before it Kills You

The Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) is more than just gloomy. It is killing you slowly, but surely. Here are six reasons to ditch your S.A.D. diet and what to eat and drink instead. 1) Diet Sodas Are Confusing

3 Sure-Fire Ways to Make Your Bad Habits Go Running for the Hills

We all have bad habits, but most of us go about trying to change them totally wrong. By taking a closer look at how your brain works, you can ditch your bad habits faster and replace them with better ones.

Six Best Hacks to Get Better Sleep – Insomnia Causes and Cures

How terrible does it feel to get up early after a sleepless night? You see the world through a haze of exhaustion and you mindlessly go about starting your day, trying not to drop off to sleep as you force

Plant-Based Fats: Debunking Fat Fears and Improving Your Health

Forget everything you thought you knew about fat. Back in the 1970s, America declared a war on dietary fat. Like many wars, it’s a war we shouldn’t have started and a war that we lost. In fact, when

The 15 Best Protein-Packed Plants

“But where do you get your protein?” It’s a question that many people ask of those who are on a plant-based diet. And while these questions might come from good intentions, these assumptions are

Intermittent Fasting Fundamentals for Ultimate Health

You are both what you eat, as well as when you eat. When people are searching for ways to manage their weight, burn fat and stabilize their blood sugar, they often focus on specific foods or diets. And

Want to die young after suffering from entirely preventable disease? Eat animals.

As these 128 scientific studies below demonstrate, meat-eaters are more likely to get a variety of diseases, including diabetes, cancer and heart disease. What’s more, when they have cancer, they may

10 Simple Nutrition Tips to Banish Inflammation, Lose Weight and Feel Your Best

Cancer. Diabetes. Heart Disease. These are some of the biggest medical killers in the world, and while they seem random, multiple studies Medical News Today: Alcohol and Diabetes Alcoholic drinks often